The ABC’s of Being Mentally Healthy

The ABC’s of Being Mentally Healthy is my new crowdfunded coloring book project. The letters on the left hand side of the page to color, match the first letter of the tip that tells how to be mentally healthy on the right hand side of the page. It appeals to both right brain and left brain– to both creativity and logic.

Coloring is a great stress reliever for anyone
• Adult coloring books are becoming very popular
• Attitudes are changing about mental health as awareness increases
• Why not combine these trends?

This coloring book is a great support tool to help you journey towards being mentally healthy whether or not you have a mental illness.
ABC’s include: A Accentuate the positive,B Be of service to others C Celebrate life’s gifts etc.

Available Spring 2016

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Have fun with the coloring book!

Enjoy being mentally healthy!

Don’t forget to add to the campaign!**Boost of any amount will get your name mentioned on a thank you page in the coloring book+ corresponding reward!

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