TAKE ON Mental Illness Reflections

Take On Mental Illness on November 7th came up fast but I was prepared. The day went so very well. We talked about timely intervention, the right medication, supportive people, a reason to hope, a reason to be well, and having something important to do which are the ingredients in my recipe for success.
Recovery is apparent to me when I can plan an event and get the support I need to pull it together. I had three guest educators including my husband Wade,my mentor Fay, and Erika a neuroscientist and a fantastic emcee Patricia Morgan. Friends Michelle and Shannon were on hand to help out as well. The audience was made up of peers, caregivers and advocates who gave me great feedback. It was a great day.
I am so humbled by the people who have come along side of me and have helped me. You know who you are. Thank you for believing in me and what I am trying to do which is give a message of hope that recovery is possible. People with mental illness are great people (who happen to have something awry in the wiring of their brains which does not change the fact they are great people). Even in the time I have been doing this work attitudes are changing for the better.