Professional Speaker, Elizabeth Anderson
Inspiring People Affected by Mental Illness with my Message of Hope!

Elizabeth Anderson Speaking

Elizabeth Anderson Speaking

The fact that you can be mentally healthy (in spite of a mental illness) is the untold story. Only since 1990’s have the medications worked well and given us the opportunity to get back to what we were doing before we were so rudely interrupted by the illness or reinvent ourselves.

After many years of recovery I knew I was regaining my trust in my own potential so I reinvented myself and started my own speaking company. I speak candidly about what happened to me so that audiences can be inspired and perhaps change their perception about mental illness.

As a public speaker, I give a voice to the lived experience of mental illness and impart accurate knowledge about what it means to have a diagnosis. I do not accept the label of being a “schizophrenic”. I am more than my diagnosis. I am a whole person living with schizophrenia, a treatable brain disorder. My recovery is ongoing.

One can recover, even flourish and have a full and meaningful life; one can be mentally healthy even though they have a diagnosed mental illness.

Inspiring audiences with my message of hope is my main goal.

Let me speak to inspire your group!

Speaking Options & Topics

Being Mentally Healthy
Elizabeth shares her story about events leading up to her diagnosis and the successes, trials and lessons learned since. (Can be customized and combined with Recipe for Success).

Recipe for Success: 7 Things You Must Know About Being Mentally Healthy
Be empowered with a six ingredient Recipe For Success outlined in Elizabeth’s book Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness). The 7th ingredient is revealed at the event.

Recipe for Success For Clinicians
Medical Professionals are given help to understand the patient perspective. Leave with specific ideas on how to connect more meaningfully with your patients.

(All can be keynote and/or stand alone talks with activities/audience engagement upon request)