The BMH Resiliency Movement and Elizabeth Anderson
Inspiring Change Through Education

What if there was a new way of thinking to help people see their potential and help them to see they can have a life of their choosing- one that is arranged in a way that makes sense and is attainable even with a diagnosis?

What if there was a central place where people could be counted as people who want a new way of thinking about mental illness with promises to help me do my part to make change happen?

What if people were encouraged to be resilient?

What if you, as person with a diagnosis were encouraged to manage symptoms and then given support flourish?

If you are a family friend or caregiver you may have seen your loved one treated well or poorly by the system. In any case, you know the person you love wants and deserves more.

If you are a medical professional and you think that people should be treated like people- and low self-esteem programs are no longer good enough and you know in your heart that things need to change….

What if there was a new way forward for you? A new leg on your journey that could start right now – today as you sit in your chair in front of your computer?


Aiming low and not doing what we were meant to do in this life is reality for a majority of people with severe and persistent mental illness. We need a recipe for success, permission to want more, and support to flourish.

People in this first generation of people taking new medication (that works on the positive and negative symptoms) are treated like the people in the past whose medications did not work as well. People want more but few places offer this kind of information/resource. Resiliency and flourishing are not words normally associated with mental illness. People often live with resignation that this is their life now and it will never be the way they want it to be. They live without hope and deal with the stigma.

New systems of helping people are slowly being created. We need the system to catch up to the wellness we are capable of.

Stigma will only go away if you meet someone well and are made aware they have a diagnosis, and the ones who are doing well do not want to come forward because of stigma and all the misconceptions associated with mental illness. A vicious circle.

What if?

…well people were not afraid of speaking up and saying that they are mentally healthy in spite of their mental illness (when it is safe and wise to do so) and made decisions that made them more resilient?

…there was a sea of friendly faces-people with mental illness, open about their diagnosis resulting in the reduction of fear and stigma?

…family members were given the respect and admiration they deserve and were given community support so they could better live and encourage their loved one?

…caregivers and medical professionals supported a person with a diagnosis who wanted to change their lives when they feel discontent?

What if there was a BMH Resiliency Movement? What can I do to help?

People with lived experience can help!

People have to meet someone doing well with a diagnosis in order to challenge their beliefs about mental illness.

Promise: I can be one of those friendly faces, and tell about my diagnosis when I think it is appropriate. Stigma will go down!

There is no reason you can’t use your gift and skills to better the world and have a lifestyle that supports you wellness.

Promise: I can be mentally healthy and choose resiliency and higher functioning whenever I have a choice. I will express my gifts to the world in a sustainable way and ask for/accept help when I need to. I want to be a part of this wave of change!

Family members, friends and loved ones can promise to help!

Families, friends and loved ones have so much to gain from someone functioning well. Being supportive means that the person you care about has to be embraced  even when discontented and encouraged to have the life they want to live in a healthy sustainable way.

Promise: I can love the person I care about and help my loved one express their gifts in a sustainable way that makes sense and be a safeguard when change is challenging!

Professionals can help!

Program managers and employees need guidance to understand that people should be aiming higher while managing their health, that with support people can manage symptoms, stabilize and then flourish (be the person they are wired to be in way that makes sense given the diagnosis).

Promise: I can be a forward thinking, supportive professional! I can care and be a support to a person with the illness and encourage their support network (friends and/or family) too! I want to be part of this wave of change!

Community members can help!

We need community. Together we can make things better for one person which in turn is better for all of us. We have all heard the adage that it takes a village to raise a child, well, it takes a village to help someone with a mental illness!

Promise: I agree with the principles of the resiliency movement and want to join. I want to be a part of this wave of change!

Thank you for being a part of this wave of change!

Wishing you a mentally healthy today (in spite of any mental illness)!