My Story So Far

My journey to reinvent my self started after being diagnosed with  anxiety depression and schizophrenia. My recovery began when I started sharing my story to help end the stigma associated with a mental illness through the Schizophrenia Society Partnership Program.
After being asked by a student in one of my presentations at a local university whether I would write a book about my life. I replied  No,too daunting! The professor came up to me after and said “ If you write a book about your life I will use it as a text book”. My memoir Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness) was published in 2012.
I have trademarked Being Mentally Healthy and the Being Mentally Healthy Company was born. I set three goals: to distribute the book, get a website, and speak for a living. I am doing all three. The book is now required/recommended reading at three universities ,my website is and I have done 1000 speeches and am an international speaker having spoken in Chicago for the Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine. I am the recipient of the 2013 True Grit Award ,Lt. Governor Circle On Mental Health and Addictions for my body of work. I have had help to achieve these goals through Momentum in Calgary including this idea to crowdfund.
The ABC’s of Being Mentally Healthy is a new crowdfunded coloring book. I am hoping you can visit the site and add to the campaign!

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