Greetings From Elizabeth

Greetings from Elizabeth Anderson,

Being Mentally Healthy  (in spite of a mental illness),

is my new book about being mentally healthy while having a mental illness. My journey is at the same time, sad, funny, and poignant. It tells of the trials and triumphs of my life. I am eager to share what I have learned about being mentally healthy with you.

“At first, the wave that knocked me off my feet seemed innocuous. Its power to overtake me was not readily apparent and so I had no warning. …the wave that came my way did not look like a storm wave but it was overpowering and took my feet from under me….I know what it is like to be in the midst of a terrible storm and what life is like when the winds die down. Experiencing both extremes has given me a need to tell my story to help ease the way and encourage others….My intention in writing this book is to give hope to people who are connected to the illness in any manner, and to give a voice to a real experience of getting well.”

Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness)

Available soon – September 2012