I just came back from speaking at the Family Medical Forum in Vancouver. I presented with Dr. Todd Hill Director of Behavioral MedicineĀ  at the University of Calgary on the overlap between the Patient Centered Clinical Method and my”Recipe for Success”.

The experience reinforced to me that we must find common ground with our clinicians. We must be open and honest about what we are experiencing so they can help us determine where we are in the process and understand our context/ illness experience. This is the first step in figuring out where we want to go in our life and the hurdles we may face. Let your physician be a supportive person in your life. They have spent years in training, getting educated so they can help you. Then, cooperate with theĀ  negotiated treatment plan. More and more physicians want to collaborate with their patients so we must want to work collaboratively with them. Recovery is the mutual goal.

Thanks to Dr. Hill for inviting me to speak, and my gratitude to 40 fantastic family physicians who made time in their schedules to attend our session!

Lesson: Recovery is a collaborative process.