Elizabeth- The Warrior Princess

Elizabeth- the Warrior Princess

I feel like I am just getting a feel for how to run the show for speaking, writing, and promoting the book. Although I have limited experience playing video games, I feel like I am in such a game and I (Elizabeth- the warrior princess) have to overcome the monster, or master the task before I get to go where I am destined to go.

So, obstacles pop up, relationship issues, cleaning up, homework for my business course, sorting receipts, planning and trying to execute the plan….

This is all part of the process and fun for the most part-but challenging as well.

I have never been so driven. I am asking for help, taking risks or risklets (little tiny baby doable risks), overcoming the monster and mastering the tasks. I feel like I am succeeding.

I don’t know where it will end up, but I do know my “why?” This is convenient when you are on a great quest.

Being on this journey makes meaning from my suffering and help others navigate the waves big and little that try to overtake them.

As for the monsters and mastering the tasks, I am gaining strength and wisdom from each encounter.

Lesson: Enjoy your journey, find a win each day!