Hi! I

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Anderson
Discover how I can make creativity and logic come together to help you to be more able to overcome adversity
(including a mental illness)!

International Speaker and Author on Recovery from Schizophrenia and Depression

I have been speaking about schizophrenia and depression since 1995. My aim is to give my illness experience  a broader meaning by giving people accurate information and dispelling the myths that are associated with those of us who are living with diagnosis.  Educating and inspiring hope  in an audience is my favorite thing to do. Delivering a message of hope that one can recover from a mental illness is my life’s work.

My Journey

Delivering the message of hope that people can recover from mental illness is my life work. Since 1995, I has impacted more than 1000 audiences with the story of my journey from illness to recovery to victory.


Inspiring audiences with my message of hope is my main goal.
I have a number of topics to choose from.
Let me speak to inspire your group!

The Journey of Recovery – books by Elizabeth Anderson

Coming Soon...

Being Mentally Healthy with Great Courage: 12 courageous choices you can make to empower you to flourish (in spite of a mental illness) , by Elizabeth Anderson

What if recovery was not an accident? What if you had at a kind of roadmap to help you on your journey towards being mentally healthy?

Contained in this book are the 12 courageous choices you can make (with the help of supportive people) that can help you to stabilize and then flourish (in spite of a mental illness).


  • … what a phenomenal presentation Elizabeth gave to our attendees –so powerful, and courageous. It is rare to see a speaker so profoundly change the thinking of so many professionals and to connect with their compassion and understanding. Elizabeth was so poised, organized and confident.

    I do not recall a plenary at The Forum (or for that matter anyplace else) in which for 45 minutes you could hear a pin drop followed by a spontaneous explosion of applause and a standing ovation. It was a moment I will not forget….

    I am so pleased The Forum provided a platform for Elizabeth to project her message of resilience and recovery.
    – Dr. Dennis Butler, University of Wisconsin, Organizer for The Forum for Behavioural Science in Family Medicine,

  • Thank you so much for this presentation! It gave me so much insight into what the illness is. Elizabeth is such a inspiring woman. I am so grateful to have heard her story.
    – University Student

  • Elizabeth Anderson is an extraordinary woman; a person who has walked through the deepest darkest despair, terror and confusion to emerge with a gracious humility, a delightful playfulness and a message of hope we all need to hear.
    – Fiona Haynes, Former Provincial Partnership Program Manager, Schizophrenia Society of Alberta

  • Thank you for speaking to us, it truly touched my heart.
    – Student