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I have been speaking about schizophrenia since 1995. My aim is to give my illness experience  a broader meaning by giving people accurate information and dispelling the myths that are associated with those of us who are living with diagnosis.  Educating and inspiring hope  in an audience is my favorite thing to do. Delivering a message of hope that one can recover from a mental illness is my life’s work.

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Recent Media Coverage

Sep 30, 2013 | Interview: Global News

Alberta’s lieutenant governor has just recognized a number of leaders working to break down stigma surrounding mental health. Among them is a Calgary author, poet and actor, who is also living with schizophrenia. I’m joined now by Elizabeth Anderson, winner of the True Grit award.

Sep 18, 2013 | Press Release: True Awards 2013

True Grit Award – Elizabeth Anderson (Calgary): A person living with schizophrenia, Elizabeth is an author, poet and actor who has made profound contributions to public education, advocacy and stigma reduction. She exemplifies the art of living well with mental illness

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